Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Today is Tue. Oct. 14. Normal day. I have a bad headache. My vision is a little blurry. I feel pretty good besides that. I have a Dr. app'tment tomorrow and go to the beauty shop to look for a wig. Yuk. I haven't started losing my hair yet. Probably in a week or so Doc says. I am freaking out. I hope it isn't going to send me into "hibernation". I want to be strong and positive, but it's my hair. I just have to focus on the positive. It's a nice day today. I cleaned this morning. Now, it's about time to feed my little rugrats lunch, then they have nap, rest time, so that will be my time to kick back in my recliner and do nothing for an hour or so. Chad picks up Brady from school now. That is great for me, because we always have to walk like 2 blocks to the school. Parking sucks there, between construction and street repair, so I don't have to drag these two out for that. That is a big help. Well, lunch time. Check in later.


Cathy said...

Hoping you got a good little cat nap in the recliner!!! Good look with the wig! Although you are beautiful with or without it! Have a blessed day!

Kay @ The Rustic Cottage said...

Hope you got rest today and are feeling ok. You will be beautiful with hair or without!


Oma aka Meme said...

this is a tough loss but some day it will be worth it and your hair will come back --I hope that you rested well and the doctor visit was good to you- hugs Meme