Thursday, October 16, 2008

I checked in with my Dr. yesterday, did labs, my white/red cell and platelets are where she expected, low, but on the way up for the next week. I felt so good yesterday and today. Like my old self again. I am going to enjoy the next week. Wed. will be my next chemo, 2nd one. I went to the hospitals beauty shop yesterday. They have a "Look Good Feel Better" program for chemo patients. The wigs, hats, etc. are free. I was looking for a med-length blond, a little lighter than my own hair, I've always wanted to go platinum, but can't afford the upkeep. So, the lady tells me they are very low on blond wigs, they had one, which was shorter than my hair since I've gotten it cut, so I'm trying it on being gracious and she says it's about time to order new blond wigs, I could pick one out and she'd order it for me. How awesome is that?! I actually got to pick out the style and color I wanted and it's free. I am so happy. I got a few hats, too. I joke with Brady, my 6 yr. old about picking him up from school bald. He wants me to wear my wig and a hat. I keep preparing the boys. I have such a great family. Well, time to pick up Braiden, 3 from preschool. Have a good day!!!!


Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

I'm so glad your chemo went ok, Stacy! I guess it all depends on what we are getting, how much and how often. I know I was told at the beginning I would have a hard time because of the dosage! Isn't that great about your wigs?????? Funny, I didn't care about being bald, etc. I'm so used to it now, except that I reach for the shampoo to wash my hair when I take a shower. But I 'm not young like you, so I'm sure it will be a staggering thing to handle the baldness! It's only for a while, and remember, there are a bunch of us out here in the same bald boat!
I keep wondering how it will come back in -- gray, white, curly, straight?????? Just remember, it isn't permanent!!!!! And you may enjoy a whole new look. I have two wigs, but haven't used them even yet. I like the hats I got better!

Hang in there, girl. You can do this if I can, that's for sure! Lot's of people praying for you, too!


Kay @ The Rustic Cottage said...

Stacy - you are amazing!! Your attitude is so wonderful. I'm glad that your chemo went well and I pray that they all do. You'll look glamorous as a platinum blonde!!

Oma aka Meme said...

good for you= girl friend-
I am happy they found a wig that is ''just for you''
we do not have that program in Canada-
hubby lost his hair except right on top- and then it came back later and he had some wee curls- our grand daughter loved to fix his hair in the new styles and with that sticky stuff and the strange thiing is-- he let her :-)
huggles from Meme