Monday, May 4, 2009

hey, I'm just enjoying this beautiful day w/ my 4 yr. old, Braiden. He loves going to the Mall and riding the "toys". Train, horse, police car, and bus. It doesn't take much to make a little boy happy. We went after taking his brother to school. Then grocery shopping. We are having a great bonding day. I love one on one time with each of my boys. I wish I could spend more one on one w/ the 7 yr. old, Brady and the 17 yr. old, Brandon.
Brandon moved in w/ a girlfriend. They are actually just staying w/ other friends, neither one of them have jobs. He has to learn life lessons the hard way. He's already hitting me up for money. We get a long so well now and he is acting a lot different than he did a yr ago. I hope he's maturing, finally. I expect him to be calling Grandma soon to come back home. That's where he was living before. They aren't always good for each other. Too much alike in so many ways. They fight like kids, see who can stab the knife in the heart the furthest. Very childish mud slinging goes on there. I get very frustrated.

I had my lumpectomy on April 16, had to get the breast aspirated two weeks later. Got 100 cc's of blood/fluid out. nasty stuff.

it's still pretty swollen. I see the surgeon again on Wed. I will be starting radiation in a couple of weeks. It's almost over and I can't believe it. I stopped wearing my hat a couple of weeks ago, it feel so good.
The surgeon gave me a good report. No lymph node involvement. THAT'S AWESOME!!!!!
He said he got "close" margins, but no evidence of any cancer left. there was some still in what he removed, even after chemo. But, that's what radiation is for, to get the little buggers that can go unseen.
I feel pretty good, kinda like I have a sunburn on my breast and around my arm, back of shoulder area from the lymph node biopsy (removal). I'm also still numb around the incision site.
I know I will have some reconstruction when radiation is over. He took the whole lower part of my breast, so it will be like a deflated balloon when all of the swelling is gone.
Well, I will post soon.
Thanks to everyone who included me in their prayers throughout my journey. I am finally starting to feel like I'm getting my life back.