Saturday, October 11, 2008

B-day party

It's Brandon's 17 birthday. He showed me his 12 stitches he got on his forearm from a few nights ago, in the wrong part of town, running his mouth. He lives with my mom, so I have to do a lot of praying for his safety. Her/his town isn't so bad, but he goes to the bigger one 20 min. away. since the knifing. We have agreed to pull him out of school and send him to job corp. He will no longer be risking his life for false friends. he's my first born, I could not lose him to stupid stuff.
He's with me tonight. I hope he is happy. I'm feeling good today, just fatigued. Depressed. Is that normal. I'm crying off and on all the time and am not sure why? I'll add pix tomorrow from the party tonight. goodnight all.


Oma aka Meme said...

let the tears flow-- you have a over filled plate right now-- it is ok to cry :-)
praying for your dear son- our children are blessings and it is hard to let them go as grow -
huggles me,Meme

Cathy said...

Im thinking of you and praying!!!!

Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

The depression and tears are normal with the chemo, to say nothing of the rest of what is on your plate right now. There are steroids in that chemo stuff, and it's wicked on the emotions and thoughts. The first two treatments were very "dark" for me until the Dr. told me about this and I could deal better. I got my 4th treatment Wednesday and I've been in bed Sat. and Sunday. Just couldn't move!!!!

I'll be praying for your son --- and for you! These days are soooo hard for kids, I know!